Our programs

CAF main programs are focused on:

Child Rights, Education, Child and Youth Participation/Engagement, Gender Equality

Child Rights 

  • Awareness-raising campaigns on Child Rights with the participation of children, teachers, school administrators, parents, community members, local government officials and other stakeholders;
  • Publication of posters, leaflets, booklets and magazines on Child Rights;
  • Various other projects/activities.



  • Quality and Inclusive Education;
  • Collaborative School- Leadership;
  • Democratic School Governance;
  • Supporting Teachers' Professional Development on: Inclusion, Interactive teaching and learning methods/strategies, Competence-based learning and Student-centered approach;
  • Improving teachers'and school leaders' knowledge and skills to develop inclusive policies and practices;
  • Increasing parent Involvement and cooperation with families and communities;
  • Designing and implementation of School-Family-Community Partnership Programs.

Child and Youth Participation

  • Awareness raising;
  • Trainings, workshops, exchange and peer learning events, Winter Schools;
  • Strengthening of Student Government and Youth Parliament;
  • Strengthening of Public Achievement Program/Groups;
  • Income generation activities;
  • Other related activities.

Gender Equality

  • Awareness-raising projects/activities in schools and communities;
  • Training of students, parents, teachers, community members;
  • Different Publications.

Different Publications 

  • ARISE Policy brief;

  • Policy Advise On School Leadership Development for Inclusive Schools NSO/CNA-FJA/CAF;
  • Guiding booklet for Parents as Important Actors and Partners to School;
  • Manual for Partnership Action Teams (School-Family-Community Partnerships);
  • Various leaflets, booklet, flyers, posters and other guiding and support materials.