About us


Fëmijët Janë e Ardhmja” (FJA) or “Children Are the Future” (CAF) is a non-profit Development Organization, established in 2008, with no religious, political or governmental affiliations that works to create better lives for children and youth and equal opportunities for their education, overall growth and development.

Our operations have no limitations in terms of geographical location. However, they are much more focused on remote, rural areas and communities, where there is a higher need for support and interventions.

In our efforts toward achieving our goals and objectives, we encourage and value participation of and cooperation with students, parents, teachers and school administrators, inner school structures , community leaders, Education and Local Government authorities and many other important stakeholders and also partnership with national and international NGOs and Agencies that share common interests and values.


 Our operations have no limitations in terms of geographical location.

Our vision


The vision of “Children Are the Future” is of a world in which all the children are respected and valued and where they realize their full potential.


Our mission


Children Are the Future” works to:


  • Create better and equal opportunities for the development of children and improvement of their life, that of their families and of the communities where they live;
  • Empower children through an active and meaningful participation in the whole development process.


Our values and beliefs:


  • We respect children’s and human rights regardless of age, gender, race, religion and nationality;

  • We deeply believe in children’s inner capacity and high potential to make a difference in their life;

  • We are accountable to all the stakeholders and ensure high transparency and honesty throughout our communication, cooperation, decision-making, financial resource management and program implementation;

  • We encourage, respect and value any kind of contribution to the achievement of our mission and vision.


Main Partners and Donors:


  • Citizens for Engaged Communities (CEC-USA);

  • Council of Europe (CoE)Tirana Office

  • NSO-CNA Leadership Academy-the Netherlands
  • Aflatoun International
  • Network of Education Policy centers (NEPC); EU/EC
  • Open Society Foundation for Albania
  • Peace Corps Albania and Montenegro
  • Open Society Institute
  • OSCE presence in Albania
  • MTO-Poland
  • MARA Foundation and Onderlinge Gravenhage - Netherlands
  • Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC)
  • Other local, national and international partner organizations, such as: Kosovo Education Center, proMENTE (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Richter (Netherlands), Civil Society Development Center, Institute of Romani Culture and so on.